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Maji Treats


MAJI TREATS is a store gathering Taiwanese goodies from seasonal products, local food, traditional market sauces to daily necessities etc. Their main concept is to provide an experience of richness and beautiful energy by convey life ideas and local stories to implement the beautiful possibilities of markets.


神農生活 MAJI TREATS 販售具有地⽅特⾊的節氣物產和風格選物。以提供一種好感的⽣活富⾜與能量,傳遞更多的生活想法和地方故事,實踐超市的美好可能。

Client : Maji Treats 神農生活
Branding : Yi-Chin Lai
Interior design : Day by Day 日日空間
© Photograph : Maji Treats 神農生活


Artistic direction


Visual identity

Business card

Paper bag


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